Cui receives the NSF CAREER Award.

It is my great honor to have received the 2024 NSF CAREER award during my third year at Oklahoma State University. In this project, I will investigate unified modeling, simulation, and analysis of multi-timescale power systems.

Significance: The project will lay the foundation for characterizing fast electromagnetic transients and slow yet large-scale electromechanical dynamics in one unified framework, achieving a balance between granularity and computational efficiency.

Education: The education component includes developing a power system dynamics tutorial emphasizing the control and impact of converters. I will develop solar energy kits for engineering outreach.

I am grateful to my mentors at OSU, CURENT, and PSERC, as well as my collaborators and friends, for their invaluable input. My special thanks to the NSF Energy, Power, Control, and Networks (EPCN) program for funding this project.

The project abstract can be found at