CyberTraining project funded by National Science Foundation.

Dr. Cui is grateful to receive an NSF award to develop computational training materials for power engineering researchers. This work is in collaboration with Dr. Xin Fang at Mississippi State University. The project is titled “Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: Pilot: PowerCyber: Computational Training for Power Engineering Researchers”.

In this project, the investigators will develop an online, modular, and openly available PowerCyber training to prepare power engineering researchers with a comprehensive understanding of advanced CI software, hardware, and emerging CI technologies. The tasks include a) developing high-quality, interactive, and on-demand training modules to cover advanced CI in software, hardware, and emerging techniques and demonstrating, by research examples, their potential to transform power engineering research; b) offering virtual PowerCyber training workshops; and c) incorporating the training materials into the curricula at the home institution of the investigator. Upon the completion of this project, we expect to have demonstrated a pilot training workshop that provides researchers with advanced CI capabilities for solving power-domain problems.

The project abstract can be found at