ANDES Version 1.1.0 released highlighting renewable generation models.

The most recent ANDES release v1.1.0 comes with renewable generation models, including solar PV, generic type 3 wind, and generic type 4 wind.

Models developed in ANDES are:

  • Converter control model REGCA1
  • Electrical control model REECA1
  • Plant control modelREPCA1
  • Drive-train models WTDTA1 (dual-mass model) and WTDS (single-mass model)
  • Aerodynamic model WTARA1
  • Pitch controller model WTPTA1
  • Torque (a.k.a. Pref) model WTTQA1

These models are in PSS/E’s naming convention.

The general combination of models are

  • One will use REGCA1, REECA1 and REPCA1 to simulate large-scale solar PV.
  • One will use REGCA1, REECA1 and REPCA1 to simulate type 4 wind model. The drive-train model can be added optionally.
  • One can use all the models to simulate type 3 wind model.

Reference: PowerWorld, “Transient Stability Overview: Renewable Energy Generation Modeling (Wind, Solar, Energy Storage, Distributed Photo Voltaic)”, Online: PowerWorld website.